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Attractions & Adventure Tours 
There is an endless variety of things to do for just about any preference in Manuel Antonio, and we have personally tried a number of them so we can recommend the very best ones that will provide a memorable experience.   Here is a list of the most popular Tours and Attractions.  It can be difficult to choose so just contact us and let us know what you would like to do.  By having us pre-book Tours and Guides this will maximize your vacation experience so you won't disappointed with fully booked tours when you get here.  

There are plenty of other Tours available, so if you have a specific interest that is not listed here, then contact us  so we can provide the specific information you are looking for. 

Antonio National Park Tour

Spectacular natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere attract many visitors to the National Park annually.  Venture into exploring a different world, explore a park that gathers numerous species of tropical butterflies, birds, monkeys, snakes, sloths, iguanas, etc.  Your Nature Specialist Guide will help you learn about plant & animal life cycles their special abilities and behavours; enjoy the guided walk inside one of the world's finest national parks.  Come and enjoy all the wonders you may discover in this marvelous world that awaits you.  Also don't forget your swimming suite to enjoy the very beautiful natural beaches inside Manuel Antonio National Park.

Extreme Adventure Canyoning Tour 

An exciting tour for those looking for an extreme experience that combines the BEST elements of the most exciting adventure tours in Costa Rica. 
A thirty minute drive through the countryside brings you to the base camp where you board a 4x4 vehicle and journey into the beautiful rainfores which marks the entrance of the tour.  Your adventure takes place within 80 acres of protected land.  The adventure course was built with great care so as to be in harmony with its natural surroundings.  You will feel immersed within the Costa Rican rain forest and experience its incredible biodiversity.  We often encounter Blue Morpho Butterflies, Jesus Christ Lizards, Leaf Cutter Ants and other wildlife.  Your Guides are always happy to answer any you have about Flora and Fauna.  

Mangrove Boat Tour

Don't pass up the opportunity to see one of the most amazing and important ecological systems on the planet at work right here at the Damas Island Mangrove Tour.  A bilingual guide will take you through the lush mangrove in search of wild animals, birds and much more.  You will experience first hand the importance of such a unique ecological resource and find out how these amazing forests contribute to the formation of islands and coastline.

Mangrove Kayak tour

This tour experience happens deep in the mangrove eco system of Isla de Demas.  Floating under a lush canopy of rainforest you silently watch a spectactular variety of birds, snakes, crocodiles ant eaters, and many groups of white face monkeys.

Horse Back Riding Tour

Come and experience Costa Rica's unique flora and fauna, it's rare medicinal herbs, it's breathtaking landscapes, exotic and savoury Tico style treats, and learn about the tropical rainforest as you ride through it.  Guides are fully bilingual and knowledgeable about the local wildlife, vegetation and ecosystems.

ATV Quad Adventure Tours

Experience one of the most unforgettable ATV adventures in Manuel Antonio with your professional bilingual guides, drive through unpaved mountain trails, giant palm plantations and rustic Costa Rican towns - all nestled in the primary tropical rainforest.  Indulge yourselves in breathtaking waterfalls by swimming in natural crystal clear waters.  And end your daring ATV journey with a delicious Tico-style meal at a private Finica surrounded by mountain views.

Sevegre River White Water Rafting Tour

Enjoy a Whitewater Rafting journey of unsurpassed beauty, jungle vegetation, and exploding white water.  For the adventuresome beginner and experienced rafter the class III rapids will have you filled with adrenaline as you paddle hard over the waves. 

Naranjo River White Water Rafting Tour

More experienced paddlers might prefer a Class III/IV half day challenge, the Naranjo Rivers drops steeply from the coastal mountain range above Quepos through a beautiful jungle gorge, taking you on a wild ride to sea level passing nearby farmlands and palm plantations.  The river banks are overgrown with jungle, the canyon views and sky make for an unforgettable day. 

Sunset Sails Tour

Your adventure aboard either world-class sailing yachts begins as you sail down the scenic coast of Manuel Antonio.  From your vantage point on deck, you will enjoy a close up view of the beautiful beaches and islets found just off shore.  As the boat glides quietly under sail you will likely see dolpins, which frequently swim in the boat's bow wake.  Occasional whales and giant sea turtles are a special thrill but the ever abundance of sea birds are enjoyed by even the most avid wildlife enthusaist.  The crew will personally serve you plentiful portions of delicious food, in the tradition of the great cruise ships, but with a homemade touch.  Your glass will seldom be empty as refreshing soft drinks, and cold beer are also included.  Finally enjoy a stop in a scenic jungle bay, where you can swim or snorkel in the calm refreshing water, all of your gear is provided so you only need bring a towel, swimsuit and sunscreen.

Canopy Tour

The Canopy Tour will take you to heaven of the jungle, a lush landscape as you soar through the rainforest canopy.  Sail through the air on the longest Superman line in Costa Rica, get a monkey's-eye view on the area's only puzzle/adventure course, and race above the rainforest canopy.  Guides are bilingual and fully trained to help give you the most exhilerating experience, always with safety and security in mind.

Water Sports and Beach Adventures

Enjoy Parasailing and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful Manuel Antonio coastline from up to 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean.   Try out the Banana Boat, get ready for thrills as you bounce and jump along the Pacific, this is great econommical fun for the whole family.  Wakeboard & Waterski, challenge yourself and get a great workout.  Surfing and Surf School, we have some of the best waves in the world right here. 

Deep Sea Sport Fishing and Nearshore Fishing

Costa Rica has a narrow Pacific coastal region that offers one of the most unique and exotic fishing locations in the world.  Quepos has long been a hotspot for fishermen interested in rolling out over the waves and fishing in Costa Rica.  Go fishing in the best locations world wide for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Roosterfish, Red Snapper and more.

Spice Tour & Gourmet Tasting

Learn about the secrets of the ancient 3500 year-old relationship between two of your favorite flavors - vanilla and cocoa!   Located in the rainforest just east of Quepos, the plantation is a tropical laboratory for sustainable agriculture and is comprised of 27 acres of agricultural production.  The plantation and all it's products are certified organic, in addition to edible crops enjoy touring showcases of unique collections of airplants, bromiliads, and orchids.  Vanilla beans and extract, cocoa nibs, pure chocolate, true cinnamon, black and white pepper and allspice are all available at the unique Spice Shoppe at farm direct prices.

Manuel Antonio Information
This is one of the best sites for information on one of the most beautiful and popular Parks in the country Manuel Antonio National Park .   Just about everything you need to know about the immediate vicinity of Manuel Antonio is here

We are located near the quaint fishing village of Quepos which offers plenty of variety for shopping and local cusine. There is also a wide selection of fine dining, shops and galleries which are dotted along the entire road leading into Manuel Antonio National Park.

Quepolandia is a local Tourist Guide with great information about shopping, restaurants, accommodation, real estate, and even local tide-times.

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